Choosing Kent To Start Or Re-locate A Business

Kent is located in the south-east corner of England and benefits from a great diversity of the population, in towns, villages and cities, spreading from the Thames London border in the north down to the English Channel in the south.

The county town is Maidstone, which is situated near the M20 motorway which links directly to the orbital M25 and access to London. The strategically placed infer structure of roads and railways gives access to Ashford, with its central railway station hub linking the channel tunnel and Dover via the M2 motorway and access to our European trading partners.

Other prominent cities and towns in Kent include Canterbury, with its vast cathedral, Royal Tunbridge Wells, with its historical Pantiles and Sevenoaks with its famous National Trust Knowl Park. All of these and many more historic sites across the county are a huge magnet for foreign visitors and a significant boost to the countries tourist industry.

On the east side of the county, you will find the Medway towns, which are strategically located along the river Medway. These towns comprise Rochester, Chatham and Strood. Further down to the south-east corner the well -known seaside towns of Herne Bay, Margate & Ramsgate.

Over the last few years the attraction of Kent, with its excellent road and rail links has seen the population steadily increase, and according to the Kent County Councils sensor for 2015 is more than 1.5 million residents. This has opened the door for anyone with an entrepreneur spirit to explore avenues of new business start-ups, as well as established enterprises moving to Kent to take advantage of the closeness to the rest of Europe.

Business Advice Services

Kent County Council is keen to encourage new business ventures that service the increasing populous and have facilities available to help with advice via organisations such as ‘ Locate in Kent’ which offers free services for Kent businesses.

Ask a Kent Librarian’ provides start-up business information as well as mailing lists, and further advice and funding are available from Kent and Medway Business Hub.

Businesses To Support The People

With a growing population in Kent expected to exceed 2 million by 2020 opportunities are available for companies requiring a workforce. Individual self-employed entrepreneurs setting up business supplying services such as hairdressing, dog walking, baby minding are all required for busy working families.

Alternative Health Businesses

Another potentially booming area for the county is the natural remedy health care market. It is now more assured that our life span is increasing and healthy living is vital to keep us as active as possible into old age. As a person ages, they naturally have aches & pains, and the availability of practices such as acupuncture, and massage are now universally accepted. One Kent acupuncturist has found the town of Tunbridge Wells to be a good location for an acupuncture business and also has clients visiting him for massage in Tunbridge Wells.

Osteopath practitioners like Stuart Korth and Associates have also found Royal Tunbridge Wells to be a good location for a successful healthcare business. Stuart Korth and Associates have been established for many years and see a large portion of the local area.

Holistic dentistry is also another business that has been springing up across the county of Kent. In the more affluent towns of Kent it seems that more people are interested in a natural means of treatment for their dental work.


With an increased population across the county, Kent is an excellent county for a wide variety of businesses. However, for any emerging business, it is important to do sufficient research into the various towns to establish the size, demographic and transport routes. These are all important considerations when choosing a locale for a new business.

Local Businesses Across The County

a business newspaper for kentSince the early days of Britain, Kent has always been a primary trading County due to its close connections and accessible passageways to France and the rest of Europe. Today, Kent remains an advancing county in business and commerce housing both small and large businesses. As a result, Kent, in general, remains a relatively affluent county on the whole.

Local Business And Commerce Across The County

The county town of Kent is Maidstone, but the area boasts other major towns and cities including Ashford, Sevenoaks, Canterbury and Tunbridge Wells. Travelling along the eastern side of the county from the Greater London border of the Thames and the Queen Elizabeth Bridge at the Dartford river crossing we come across an area known as the Medway towns, due to their proximity to The River Medway.

The main towns of this stretch are made up of Chatham, Rochester and Strood, and each has its historical characteristics. Chatham was a major Royal Naval port until the 1970’s, and Rochester dates back to the days of William the Conqueror, with its castle still very dominant guarding the river estuary
What is of particular interest is the variety of different local businesses that become attracted to the various towns across the county.

More affluent townships of Sevenoaks and Royal Tunbridge Wells, for example, see a larger amount of restaurants, expensive car showrooms and luxury hotels, which help to satisfy the disposable income of its residents.

Ashford has its main railway station linking London to the continent and being the central hub to bring vast numbers of tourists to feast on the historical delights of Canterbury with its imposing cathedral.

The Medway towns and Maidstone continue to expand and provide the growing population of Kent the diversity of housing and infer structure required to satisfy economic growth of the country.

An encouraging realisation is an emergence of small businesses across Kent and Medway, which show the entrepreneurial spirit of the people. This is something that we greatly encourage and want to see flourishing as time goes on. The diversity of the county gives every indication that trade will continue to flourish across Kent.

Networking Groups

Like any county in England, Kent certainly has its fair share of business networking groups to help support our businesses. Global networking leader BNI is, of course, present it every major town across the county, small and large, which is no surprise.

Over the last few years, England has also seen the emergence and flourishing of another highly successful networking community, known as 4 networking aka 4N. With a similar structure to BNI, 4N also meet for breakfast meetings and now also lunchtime events to help give their members a broader time frame for making meaningful business connections.

Of course, there are also much smaller and somewhat ‘niche’ groups that spring up from town to town. One in particular that we are delighted to see is the ‘Women in Business’ group, who are primarily based in West Kent. Although some may say it’s sexist to have a female only group, we think it’s great that these entrepreneurial women have established their own community to help progress their businesses. You can visit their website here

Many businesses seem to be springing up across the county, from small one man band style outlets to big commercial trading units, designer clothes shops and restaurants to name but a few.


As can be seen from the above, business opportunities abound across Kent provided one takes the time to study each perspective of the county and takes advantage of the help and assistance available from the various networking groups.

These groups are made up of people who are owners of their own businesses and the groups prosper because their survival is helping each other succeed. If you have a problem or need some advice about a business matter, you are sure to find someone at these meetings who have experienced a similar difficulty and will be only too pleased to give advice.