Life In Kent And The Medway

Sissinghurst Castle, KentThank you for visiting us here at We are pleased to bring you an fresh new look at our site. Stand by for interesting information, facts and business reviews of everything Kent and Medway!

Kent is certainly a beautiful part of the country, with many miles of lush greenery and a whole host of historic and interesting towns. Visit the monumental castle of Dover on the South-Easterly coast, explore the ancient town of Canterbury or visit the charming town of Rochester in the heart of the Medway. There is plenty for you to see and do all across the county.

We will reviewing select businesses within the county to give you an outsider perspective that you may find useful. We also welcome any Kent based businesses to submit articles to us for consideration of a place here on our blog. If you do so, please provide an honest, overview of your business, not a sales pitch. Thank you.

We look forward to bringing you more interesting news and information on Kent and the Medway in future articles. Thank you for visiting us.

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